Horse Boarding in NW Indiana

Caring for your horse like you would!

Peace of Mind

By boarding at Excelsior, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your horse is being cared for just like you would if you could have them at home. This is the driving force that has fueled our desire to open an entirely different type of horse boarding business. At Excelsior, we recognize the need to serve both you and your horse. We treat every horse as if they were our own and feel that their good health is a reflection of the quality care they receive. Many services that would cost extra at other farms, we consider to be part of the normal and expected care of your horse.

Through several years of planning, we have designed this facility with safety and convenience in mind, for both horse and rider. We hope that you appreciate the planning and enjoy the conveniences of boarding and training at Excelsior Equestrian Center.

Feed & Hay

Here at Excelsior, we believe you that your horse deserves the best, so we have sought out the highest quality in feed products. We feed Tribute Feeds: Kalm Ultra, Kalm N-EZ, and Essential K. Tribute is nutritionally balanced, low in starch, has an optimal balance of essential amino acids, organic minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants to support your horses dietary requirements. Purina Outlast is also available at an additional cost, for gastric health support in horses that are prone to ulcers. If your horse needs any additional supplements, we have a barn buddy account with Smart Pak that will help you receive discounts on all shipping. Our horses are fed hay 3-4 times per day, depending on the season. What we are not able to produce in our own hay field, we locally source to find the best quality hay available.

Additional Services

At Excelsior, we understand you have a busy lifestyle, so we try to make life a little less stressful for our boarders. We are fortunate to have many excellent local practitioners for veterinary care, farrier work, chiropractic, or massage. You are welcome to use your own practitioners or use ours. For your convience, we can schedule spring and fall shots with our farm vet, Dr. Amy Halaburt. Our Farrier on call is Tom Tucker, who has been my personal farrier for over 30 years. And we are fortunate to have Dr. Dan Beatty as our local Chiropractor/Accupunturist. We also have a theraplate on premises.

Blanketing / Fly Spray

For those boarders that blanket their horses during the colder months, you no longer have to worry about getting to the barn to change blankets; we provide this service standard with our board. We also will fly spray/fly mask your horses in the summer months if you provide us with these items.

Stall Care

You shouldn’t have to worry about your horse and the care they are receiving. Your horse will have their stall cleaned daily, feed and water buckets sanitized and stalls stripped weekly. We feel that proper sanitation is paramount to the health of all horses.

Turn Out

Your horse will be pampered with individual or small group turnout (2-4 horses) on horse-safe fencing and will have access to pasture grazing. Because we believe that turnout is as important to the horse as is good nutrition, horses are turned out daily on grass pasture (or dry lots supplemented with hay during wetter months), allowing us to practice good pasture management.